The legal advice provided by the lawyers of our firm includes both meetings with clients, discussions and consultations via means of communication such as telephone, email and ZOOM communicator, participation in negotiations conducted by the clients, as well as preparing opinions, letters, drafts of documents and contracts.

The lawyers at our firm show great mobility and flexibility in their approach to the time and manner of providing services.

The services rendered to our clients are usually based on contracts for long – term  legal services provision, but may also take the form of ad hoc advice for specific tasks. Fees are most often calculated based on the amount of time dedicated to solving the issue multiplied by the agreed hourly remuneration rate

Remuneration is based on the actual working time counted to the minute, without being rounded up or down, although for specific tasks a lump sum payment is agreed.

Criminal proceedings and law

When going about our daily business, we do not realise how often we have contact with matters of criminal law. This applies both to situations where we are the injured party, and situations where we are suspected of committing a crime or offense.  When running a business, there is a higher risk of making a mistake which results in criminal responsibility. Unpaid tax or invoices, placing an employee’s signature on a document, accusations of copyright violation - these can all mean problems with the police or prosecutor.  This is why we help clients manage in such a way that they minimise the danger of committing a crime. We also help to assess whether a competitor’s unethical behaviour constitutes a crime.

Our wealth of experience in representing clients in criminal and fiscal crime cases enables us to act as support for clients.


Lesław Świstuń Managing partner, advocate


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